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About us

About Otiphonic

Otiphonic was founded for a simple purpose, make effective, clear, and crisp hearing aids accessible to everyone. you no longer have to ditch out thousands of pounds just to hear your loved ones laugh or tune in to your favorite TV show. We are committed to disrupt the industry for the better by offering affordable, rechargeable hearing aids that outperform the competition.

How it all began

It all began when the young team of 2 brothers were at their grandmother's house for Christmas in 2019, while everyone was enjoying her famous Shepherd's Pie, it was devastating that when someone would complement her delicious creation all she could say was "what?"

She missed out on memories she’ll never get back.

The worst part? She couldn't afford the £3500 she was once quoted by a hearing clinic for a pair of hearing aids.

It was clear to our founders that their grandmother is not alone, and thousands of other British citizens are in a similar situation, forced to work with greedy companies with unethically high margins with many middle men who are equally greedy.

Thus, our founders teamed up with engineers from around the world and created Otiphonic's powerful hearing technology.

Since launching in 2019, Otiphonic has been getting incredible amounts of publicity and selling more pairs than expected and is now one of the top selling hearing aid brands online. Otiphonic's mission is to serve our customers -- who are hard working, smart, wonderful humans all over the country.

Our Promise

We built our company to be a customer-centric business. Believing in loyalty, we want to build bonds with customers that last a lifetime. We aren’t satisfied simply by providing you with affordable hearing aids – we want to make sure that you live a better high quality life. Your satisfaction spells our satisfaction. Value for money is at the core of our business model and we have inculcated every bit of that in our online store. We want to make fulfilling your need an affordable experience. With high eminence and greater excellence. From our range of advanced hearing aids to our world class customer service, Otiphonic is all about you.