Otiphonic™ CIC Invisible Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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The new model is the result of years of research and improvements. After studying hearing technology for over a decade the brand new Otiphonic CIC (completely-in-canal) Aid is one of the most powerful, easy to use rechargeable devices on the market at its price for a nearly invisible hearing aid..


“I had a hearing test and was quoted $5,000 for hearing aids for both ears. I saw the Otiphonic™ ad on Facebook and decided to give them a try. I am thrilled with them and delighted that they fit snugly in my ears.”
– Wanda Shannon

“My son bought these for me and they work so well. What a pleasant surprise to find inexpensive hearing aids that actually work!!!
– Mike Coakly

“I have turned my TV down to half the volume l did use . I have one for each ear. I can talk on the phone and not turn the speaker on!!!”
– Lynn Hall

Otiphonic™ is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

Do you …

  • Struggle to hear conversations in restaurants?
  • Wish you could hear your TV and music better?
  • Have a hard time hearing your friends and family?

Transform your life with one tiny hearing device that uses advanced technology to give you your sense of hearing back.

The Otiphonic™ hearing device is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss.

Each Otiphonic™ hearing device:

Has powerful rechargeable technology. Full charge in under 4 hours , 48 hours of use – unit battery can’t be replaced by users but it’s built to last 4-5 years.

✅ Is very discrete and nearly invisible. If fits snugly in your ear canal and is almost impossible to see from the front.

✅ Is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss. Don’t let the size fool you. These hearing aids are very powerful

✅ Is programmed with smart noise reduction and automatically isolates sounds such as speech, music and TV.

✅ Is extremely easy to use & adjustable. Set up and ready to use in seconds. Adjusting the volume is also quick and easy, no apps or complicated tools – just follow the instructions in your user manual.

✅ Is tiny and fits comfortably in your ear. It’s only 0.7 x 0.47 inches in size (1.8cm x 1.2cm) and you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

✅ Is very cost effective. We often hear from our customers that our hearing devices can work just as well (and if not better) than expensive traditional hearing aids that can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars.

Each Otiphonic™ comes with:

  • 1 Protective Carry Case
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 4 Ear Domes (small, medium, large)
  • 1 User Manual & Instructional videos
  • 30 day risk-free money back guarantee

ATTENTION : Please be very careful from online advertisements selling counterfeit Otiphonic hearing aids, the original advanced CIC hearing aids are only available through

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, our hearing devices don’t require that you take a hearing test. Otiphonic™ hearing devices work for the majority of customers and each hearing device can be easily adjusted for your level of hearing.

We include earbuds in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) with each hearing device, allowing 99% of our customers to get the correct fit.

Not to worry! Hearing loss is complex and different for everyone. That’s why we offer a 30-day return policy. Simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your purchase to return your hearing device and we will issue a 100% no questions asked refund immediately.

Your hearing device should arrive in 5-6 business days.

We cut out the middleman — no doctor salaries, no brick-and-mortar locations, etc. — and we manufacture our hearing devices with new, cutting-edge digital technology, which is far more affordable than manufacturing traditional hearing devices.

Customer Reviews

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I love the device!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the hearing aids. They are completely invisible, so comfortable and I can hear everything now. My son helped me get these hearing aids and they are a God send. I highly recommend these.

made my life easier!

They are without a doubt, the finest hearing aids I have ever used. It is so wonderful to not say "HUH?" on a constant basis. Thank you Otiphonic, your aids made my life easier!

It’s all true!!

Have never used a hearing aid before, despite having difficulty hearing. I heard all devices were uncomfortable, had rebound sounds, they're very expensive. Then I found out about otiphonic - how comfortable, no rebound sound, and inexpensive.It’s all true!!


It ’s very easy to use. The sound is clear. It solves my deafness. thee otiphonics are worth buying, quality ear pieces that helped me hear better, thank you!


otiphonic hearing aids TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. They stay in my ear, they are rechargeable and you can hardly see them! Highly recommended.